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Tired of Glasses? 

Looking for affordable LASIK? SLO LASIK offers special LASIK financing as low as $100 per month! $2,400 per eye or finance at 0% up to 24 months.


Our Clarity for Life guarantee program is our commitment to you that we are interested not just in this one procedure but in a lifetime of clear vision.

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Cataract Surgery
and IOLs 

One of the most commonly performed surgeries in the world, cataract surgery can help restore your natural youthful vision. A intraocular lens (IOL) is usually implanted in the eye at the time of cataract surgery or in place of the clear natural lens for patients desiring a refractive lens exchange.

Eyelid Surgery

Dr. Bylsma is recognized as a leader in eyelid surgery including cosmetic procedures such as upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty. This procedure removes the excess skin and bags above and below the eyes.

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Close up of the pterygium during eye exa

People whose eyes are exposed to certain elements on a regular basis have a higher risk of developing this condition. It is very common for those living on the Central Coast. These elements include: Sun, Wind, Sand, Smoke.



At SLO LASIK we partner with the best optometrists in our community to provide comprehensive eye care and surgery. Please ask your current optometrist to refer you to SLO LASIK for LASIK or cataract surgery. You may also call or email our office, and we can refer you to one of our optometry colleagues.

Find an optometrist

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At SLO LASIK & Cataract we are committed to providing exceptional care—an experience that combines the highest degree of professionalism with warmth, openness and understanding. LASIK is currently the most common type of laser vision correction procedure. It is an extremely effective outpatient procedure that is suitable for low, moderate, and higher prescriptions. It can be used to correct most prescriptions, and is currently one of the most commonly performed healthcare procedures in North America.

CONTACT OUR OFFICE for further information and ask about 0% financing.

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